Scuba diving in Malvan

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Scuba diving in Malvan

Scuba diving is considered to be one of the most adventurous water sports. You not only experience the sea, but you indeed get to experience a lifetime. Scuba Diving Malvan is not just a beautiful sight, but is also considered as one of the finest experiences while it indeed is your date with the incredible marine life under the water. Upon diving with us at Morya Underwater Sports, we would help you get closer to an unmatched experience of Scuba Diving in Malvan, wherein you get to explore numerous untouched and unharmed magnificence of nature, the serenity of water and the amazing aquatic life.Each of the aspects related to this out of the box watersports in Malvan, whether big or small, in and around the sea is truly enchanting and extremely inviting. The number of stunning and enticing life under the waves of the gushing water would leave you breathless, while our team of passionate divers would help you explore to the fullest out here.

We offer several courses as well as packages, for numerous travelers who head here from all across the globe. Experience a limitless and bound-free trip underwater and cherish each of the exquisite moments you spend inside only to become a memory that would be cherished forever. The warm waters, lively marine life and the most extravagant experience awaits you unharmed from the commercial world, with us, we guarantee you to collect the best experience of your lifetime. The region south of the Sindhudurg Fort is one of the best zones for Scuba diving, while our team would take you there to enjoy the finest Scuba in Malvan.

 We welcome kids as young as 10 years, to start their underwater exploration and make their childhood laden with the finest memories and adventurous activities only to become a happy and content adult. Our trainers and divers are all expert and experienced divers who would always be there to help you explore the beauty out of the mesmerizing and truly amazing coral cost. Not very long ago, Dr. Sarang Kulkarni researched on the magnetic beauty of the marine life here in Maharashtra, and it all began right under his guidance. For now, Malvan and Tarkarli is one of leading names for Scuba Diving experience.

scuba diving malvan
scuba diving in malvan




  1. Hello,

    We would like to experience scuba diving in Malvan. Can you please tell me how much time we need to learn the scuba rules and how much time we can go inside water. What will be the terrif for room as well as scuba and water sports.

    Nirav Soni

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